About Us

We believe that you never have to stand alone.
Our firm was founded by Sunethe Potgieter (B Juris, LLB, LLM) when she recognised the need in the community for a professional but personalised service in especially the fields of family law and criminal law.
She has over 20 years worth of experience in Criminal law, and has successfully litigated in the Lower Courts, High Courts, the Supreme Court of Appeal and the Constitutional Court. Many of the cases she’s been involved in has had far reaching impact on the practice of Criminal law in South Africa.
After many years of focusing almost exclusively on Criminal Practice, she obtained a Masters Degree in Child law, and has for the past twelve years been helping families and children with the challenges posed to them by South African Law.

What does Potgieter Louw Attorneys do?

The Firm specializes in several fields of law.

In the Family law section we deal with advice on  marital regimes and Ante-Nuptial Contracts, Divorce matters, Adoption, Access to Children and Maintenance. Child Law lies very close to our hearts. We advise on Estate Planning and will gladly assist client with drafting of wills and setting up trusts. We even deal with international child and family law issues like contested relocation applications.

With more than 20 years of experience in Criminal Law Practice, we assist in all criminal   prosecutions, bail applications, appeals and reviews.

In the General Litigation Section we handle both High Court and Lower Court litigation matters, including claims against the SAPS and other Government Departments for infringement on the Constitutional Rights of our clients, for example wrongful arrest and assault. we handle a variety of property litigation matters, including but not limited to evictions and levy recoveries. In this division we pride ourselves on a quick turnaround for responding to instructions and enquiries and regular reporting back to our clients in respect of their matters.

Why should you trust Potgieter Louw Attorneys?

Along with her formal qualifications, the founder and owner of this practice has in excess of 20 years of experience. Recognized by both her peers and the academic fraternity she is regularly invited to lecture on a variety of subjects, and she is entrusted with training both junior and senior colleagues. Her history includes successful litigation in the Lower Courts, High Courts and even the Supreme Court of Appeal and the Constitutional Court. It is, however, the “client centered” ethos of the firm, which keeps our clients returning to us.

Vision, Mission

Our Law Firm believes that our clients’ success determines our own. So we ensure both by closely collaborating with our clients to achieve their goals. We give personal attention to each of  clients, and although our junior staff members may be requested to perform certain tasks on a given matter, the file is never “passed on” to them.

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