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Family Law Matters:

Marital Contracts, Co-habitation Agreements, Divorce matters, Interim Maintenance Applications, Maintenance for and Access to Children, Parenting Plans, Rights of Unmarried Fathers and Mothers, Adoptions and Child Care Matters, Children’s Court Applications, Family Violence Matters, Harassment Applications, Family and Divorce Mediation.

Divorce Litigation

We assist and represent men or women in divorce proceedings, either in the capacity of the Plaintiff or that of the Defendant. Factors to take into account include the type of divorce procedure to be followed (defended/undefended), the parties’ marital regime, fixed assets, movable assets, liabilities and children.

International divorce matters linked to South African Law,

Our firm has ample experience with divorce matters where one of the parties is based in South-Africa and the other party in another country.  We often assist in cases where the parties were married in a foreign jurisdiction, thereafter relocated to South Africa and now wish to divorce.

What to do if one of the parties in the marriage are not traceable (nowhere to be found) and the other party wishes to initiate divorce proceedings.

Knowing the whereabouts of the spouse you wish to divorce, whilst certainly helpful, is not a prerequisite for obtaining a divorce. should such a scenario arise, an application for edictal citation or substituted service is the proper procedure to follow.  We manage this process quickly and efficiently.

Divorce Mediation

Many couples struggle with a long dragged out divorce where little or no progress is made. We offer assistance in formally mediating the matter between the two parties to enable them to reach a settlement agreement. Thereafter the parties may choose to approach their separate attorneys to finalize the divorce matter on their behalf. Our firm is one of very few professionally qualified Family Law Mediators with a professional certificate issued in Divorce and Family Mediation.

Applications pertaining to the kidnapping of a child or children by one of the parents

Sadly, it happens more and more often that children are abducted by a parent and moved outside the borders of our country. Where one of the parents threatens to – or has already taken a child without the consent of the other party outside the borders of South Africa, a court application will have to be brought to prevent the parent from either leaving the country or where applicable to return the child to South Africa.

Criminal Law:

We assist clients by procuring the release of the Client after arrest by applying for police bail, prosecutor bail or court bail. Client’s trust us to handle their defense at trial (in both the Magistrate’s, Regional and High Courts) and we often are often requested to consult with and advise other firms in respect of criminal defense matters.

Once a trial is finalized and the accused was convicted, we assist aggrieved clients with any subsequent appeal and or review of the proceedings.

Commercial Matters:

Landlord / tenant disputes can turn very nasty, very quickly. Potgieter Louw Attorneys manage these disputes quickly and efficiently and certainly in the most cost effective manner.

Our courts’ handling of eviction processes in South Africa is notoriously unpredictable. For this reason many landlords shy away from instituting eviction applications, thinking they’ll “play nice” or “give the tenant another chance”. But that very failure to act timeously is often the reason that greater financial losses are suffered than what would have been the case had the Landlord taken action sooner.  Potgieter Louw Attorneys have a very good track record of successful and fast evictions.

All owners of a sectional titles estate have to contribute to the costs of the estate by paying monthly levies. The legal duty to charge and collect levies from homeowners in an estate falls to the estate’s Body Corporate who may instruct a management agency to manage such collections. Potgieter Louw Attorneys assist several Estates in the greater Tshwane area with their levies collections.

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